A new machine for the production of heating mats MATRIX IMPACT 10

A new machine for the production of heating mats MATRIX IMPACT 10

For some time in our team we have been designing a new model for the production of heating mats. The machine has been accelerated compared to the older version. It has gained a lot of improvements thanks to which it will be easier to carry out changes.

Minimum and theoretical production speeds

Main features:

  • Distance between wires 120-50mm (one dimension permanently assigned to the machine)
  • Performance: guaranteed minimum output of the manufactured product: 10 km wire / 8h (with rearmings, the performance depends on the size of the production series and and process parameters. Guaranteed minimum performance is ensured for two product conversions for 8 hours of work)
  • Maintenance-free tape guiding (6 pieces). The maximum tape spacing is also the minimum wire width. Independent tape end sensors.
  • Stepless adjustable width adjustment system. It is possible to buy a database of all products with saved stacking width. Manual or automatic width adjustment.
  • Maintenance-free mesh guiding (mesh size up to 700 mm) – automatic mesh centering machine (mesh with glue).
  • Sensor break and end of the mesh.
  • Two wire feed buffers. Automatic cable feed. (two cable buffers accelerating the conversion) cable feeding speed up to 1.5m / s. Wire break sensors. Cable lock sensors, beads, easy cable access.
  • Vision system to monitor the position and quality of the mesh.
  • Vision system to monitor the continuity of the finished product. (Expandable with quality monitoring and measurements).
  • 21 ”display with control software, monitoring of the vision system with visualization of measurements.
  • Constant automatic tension of the finished product on the spool. The tension can be set within 8-15 kgf (80-150N).
  • Measuring the tension force of the mesh and the finished product using strain gauges.
  • Safety. Protection of each hazardous machine component in accordance with EN / ISO 13849-1 and EN / IEC 62061.

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