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Recently we are consumed by our new project which is new model of machine for calefactory mats production. We improved speed and implemented a few settings.





The most important features:

  • Distance between wires 120-50 (one extent assigned for machine)
  • Guaranteed minimal efficiency of ready product is 10 km of wire for 8 h (Efficiency depends on the batches size. Guaranteed minimal efficiency is calculated based on scenario with two changes of products for 8h production round.)
  • Maintenance free belts (6 pcs). Maximal layout of belts is also the minimal width of setting the wire.
  • Stepless regulated width for layering the wire. Option to buy another database of all products with noted layering width. Handle or automatic settings of width.
  • Maintenance free net conducting (measurement of the net to 700mm) - automat for centering the net with glue
  • Sensor of end and cutting in on the net
  • Two buffers passing the wire. Automatic wire passing. Speed of passing the wire up to 1,5m/s. Cutting in on the wire sensors. Sensors of wire blockade and easy access to wires.
  • Machine vision for net position and quality monitoring
  • Machine vision for ready product permanence monitoring
  • 21’’ screen with directive software, machine vision monitoring with measurement visualization
  • Permanent automatic forward tension of ready product on bobbin. Option for setting the forward tension for 8-20kgf.
  • Forward tension net force measurement and ready product by tensionmetric traves.
  • Protection of every unsafe machine element in compliance with EN/ISO 13849-1 and EN/IEC 62061.
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