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    Modern techniques integration in companies from the work fields such as automation, industrial robotics and artificial intelligence, became inseparable element of efficient management and gaining competitive average. In many cases investments in these areas are just and by well known statistics- profitable.


   According to Internatinal Federation's of Robotics data, in the past few years the amount of industrial robots worldwide installed is growing rapidly. Production automation enables us to enhacement productivity, quality and reduce the costs what is essential up against expanding competition. 


  Accenture's studies shows that enterprises which invest in digital transformation, including automation and robotisation, can increase their efficiency by 90% and precipitate innovations development. It leads to better finanancial results as well as to superior capacity for adaptation in dynamically changing world market.



   On the other hand companies which don't invest in automation and robotisation, put themselves at risk falling behind. Raport McKinsey Global Institute indicates that these enterprises can loose their competitivness, what brings lower profit margins and loss of commercial statut.



    Integration of these areas of new technology in Your firm is the key to success. Examplary uses include automation of production processes as well as optimisation of management for supply chains. Cooperation between industrial robots and employees is becoming more and more common, what conduces to improvement of working conditions and running effectivity. 




   In the light of statistics, investments in automation, industrial robots and modern technologies are getting to be the necessary element of companies' strategy, which want to succeed on the modern financial market. Integration of these market fields leads to competitive advantage and keeping leadership position, while lack of investments can bring the stagnation and loss of prospects.



Raport McKinsey Global Institute available on website:
Jak wykorzystać potencjał automatyzacji w Polsce | McKinsey


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